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Everything about implementing Wiqets into your website
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Here all questions and answers regarding Wordpress plugin of Wiqet
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All logos and more
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Ebay wiqet application
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Live Chat in eBay

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document Wiqet Joomla plugin installation and usage
Install Joomla! Wiqet plugin. Installing the Wiqet Joomla plugin is easy. Just follow these simple steps. Please see our project page on Joomla...
09 Jun, 2010
document Communication error in Wiqet Editor
Problem: I need some helpw ith WiQET editor. I have installed WiQET at my local server. I have generated KEY for - its...
16 Sep, 2009
document Integrating Wiqet in your website in 6 steps.
Implementing Wiqet in 6 steps Version: 3.2 Date: 17-11-2009 Testdrive the Wiqet here: This contains the same code as described...
04 Aug, 2010
document Wiqet Callback function being called via iFrame Internet Explorer IE
We encountered this problem that the callbackfunction was not called in IE (internet explorer) when loading a wiqet in a iframe. In this case making...
04 Sep, 2009
document Error: The Flash version you installed is: 0 You need flashplayer: 8 Internet Explorer
We encountered this problem implementing a Wiqet with javascript that loads the Wiqet indirectly. e.g.: Description error: The page first loaded a...
07 Oct, 2009
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document eBay live chat add button to specific items
You can add and remove the button to and from specific selling items as following: Step 1: GO to you're live chat application and click...
13 May, 2011
document Manually add or change the position of your button or add a standard button to you're template
Sometimes the button is incompatible with certain templates as it will by default always display in the same position. You can also manually edit...
14 May, 2011
document How to rate an eBay application
If you would like to rate an eBay application you can follow the following steps. 1. click on a application 2. click on "manage...
12 May, 2011
document FAQ for YouTube Videos
What does the YouTube Videos application do? With this application you can select YouTube videos and easily embed them in your item(s). ...
02 May, 2011
document eBay FAQ Live Chat Application
I'm a seller on eBay, how can I start using Live Chat? Go to the Application Directory > Install Live Chat > Start the application and...
07 Jun, 2011